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A Research Analyst

Performs research and gathers data to help develop a clearer picture to the questions asked by interpreting information given from the client.

They are efficient and very detailed-oriented by collecting data and information using a variety of methods, such as local sources, internet, proprietary information (i.e. court records, interviews, and third party agencies)

Once the research has been completed the Research Analyst will simplify and create a detailed report of their findings.

CDIService uses the latest technology and research methods to find people, locate documents, and gather information.

We always aim to satisfy our clients with the quality of our work, which includes skip tracing and background check services.

Skip Tracing

“Skip” refers to the person being search for, and tracing is the act incorporated to locate the person.

This method is the action or practice of locating people who are missing; have defaulted on a debt; or used to gather information for civil or criminal cases.

Finding Property

If someone has willed you property and you're unable to secure your inheritance because the property is out of state, or there's no deed on file, we will seek to locate the proper documentation to ensure you obtain all that is rightfully yours!

Finding Money

Is not as obvious or easy as it sounds. There's potentially money everywhere that is available to you for the asking. We have the resources to look into all the possibilities.

Gathering Evidence

Gathering evidence and/or information for a case is a methodical process. It's what you don't see or hear that can lead to an answer you're searching for. We intentionally and methodically take an approach to obtain the sources and resources needed.

Background checks (for both Civil or Criminal)

Depending on the information requested, background checks can be expensive. We employ methods that review both confidential and public information in order to investigate a person's criminal and civil history.

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