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Professional Direct Support Services

CDIService is a Bonded and Insured Community-based business offering Professional Direct Support Services for families and individuals with Special Needs.

We work closely with Disadvantaged individuals by researching the available resources in their local and, or neighboring communities, as well as assisting them with completing the necessary documents required to handle their personal business affairs.

Our unique service is dedicated to helping the:

                                                                                                    * Elderly 55+

                                                                                                    * Visually Impaired

                                                                                                    * Blind

                                                                                                    * Homebound

                                                                                                    * Mentally or Physically Disabled

Some of our specialized services include: 

A Limited Power of Attorney service which enables us to speak on your behalf; to interpret, analyze, and, or negotiate where needed. As well as locating available resources and services