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The voice of our clients  

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At CDIService, your satisfaction is our priority. We always work hard to give you the results that you want. Just read what some of our past clients have to say about our services.

An ongoing series of informational entries


I’d left home for the weekend; destination – Detroit, MI. My family and I were out for a night of fun at Greektown Casino (Detroit, MI); when my pleasure trip turned into the unthinkable. My life stopped the moment that I realized my purse had been stolen.

The Detroit police were called to the scene. The surveillance video showed the thief leaving the casino with my purse, and the trail was lost after that. I had cash, ID, credit cards, my priceless camera (with years of stored memories) and so on. I was left with NOTHING, not even makeup.

My purse was found (across town) in an alley behind a bar called “Bad Luck Bar” (can’t make that up) by a wonderful human- being by the name of Annabelle. Annabelle picked up the purse and found my phone and began to call those in my recent phone history. She got in touch with my sister, Cheryl.

Cheryl stopped at nothing to find “me”. Her work was fast with results. Her networking and her skills are amazing. If there is something to be found, she will find it! I was slotted to be in Detroit for about 72 hours. The next day, following the theft, family members were being contacted with information on where to go to retrieve my purse. I was astounded by this answered prayer. When I left Detroit, I took my retrieved purse with me. Incredible! Unbelievable!

With Cheryl’s investigative instinct (her gift), she made the impossible – possible! I was restored and made whole!!!


With Forever Gratitude to CDIService,

(Collecting Definitive Information)”


- Shay B., Michigan

“I don't know where to begin? I think it was 1991 when I met Cheryl Durham. I was told of her gift to locate things. My father had worked for Sears for many years, and was ready to retire. But unfortunately, he couldn't because he didn't have his birth certificate. He tried calling to the Mississippi Vital Statistics Office, but no luck. He even drove to Mississippi to see if he could talk to someone in person. Again, No luck! There was a fire a few years back, and all the records were destroyed. So, after hearing about Cheryl Durham, I decided to give it one last try. My father was the last group of workers that would be able to get their retirement benefits in one lump sum. So, time was of the essence. Neither of us had a phone, so my father gave her a roll of quarters to use at the local pay phone.

I was shocked at her professionalism, the way she handled the call. Taking charge and asking the right questions to get my father a replacement birth certificate. She didn't even use all the quarters we gave her. I tell you she is a True blessing from GOD. My father was able to receive all his retirement money.

Thank you so much”

- Michelle, Texas

- Anthony B., Georgia


On November 30, 2016, my sister and her husband were in a terrible car accident. She was hit by another driver. And, her car overturned into a ditch, leaving them penned in their car. The other driver had blamed them for the accident, but I knew better. After contacting an Attorney I knew, he refused to take the case, due to the lack of evidence. My sister tried other Attorney's, and no one would take her case; due to the lack of evidence, injuries and the uncertainty of the other drivers insurance. I knew to call CDIService - Cheryl Durham. She was unbelievable on how she took charge. She took it personal. I knew she wouldn't stop until she was able to prove that my sister “was not” at fault. My sister's injuries were serious - she needed surgery. She had a broken finger and a laceration of her liver. And, her husband had suffered a major concussion.

Due to Cheryl Durham’s determination and focus to solve the matter in a short amount of time - 2 weeks. I don't think my sister nor her husband would have been awarded the amount of money they received. She even found them an Attorney to handle their case.

Cheryl Durham is “A Force to be Reckoned with”.”

- Anthony B., Georgia

“Letter of recommendation for CDIService - Cheryl Durham

The purpose of this letter is to recommend the services of CDIService. Cheryl Durham has been my neighbor for over four years, and I characterize my knowledge of her expertise and professionalism as good.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Cheryl on a personal injury case. At the onset of the case, Cheryl provided information, recovered by her research, including but not limited to photographs of the scene of the accident, audio recordings between her and the defendant driver, car insurance policy information from the defendant driver, and dash camera video footage from the crash site investigation. The information Cheryl Durham of CDIService provided was paramount to the success of the case.

Legal issues can be taxing for most people and oftentimes injured persons are left feeling the adverse impact of another’s irresponsibility. Because I had Cheryl’s quality work aiding my case. I found myself free to work on legal research and writing, with peace of mind, which in the end , better benefited my client. Cheryl’s background in process serving, skip tracing, insurance claims, and private investigation expertise are reflected in the quality of her work, and truly are an asset to anyone pursuing a case against a insurance carrier or under / uninsured defendant. Her DBA “A True Force to be Reckoned With”, is well earned and I will certainly retain CDIServices in the future.

I cannot overemphasize how CDIService - Cheryl Durham’s work benefited our case in such a way that allowed me to fully satisfy my clients. She took a case in which there would have been little to no recovery and provided solid evidence that completely turned the tables. In the end, thanks to Cheryl’s work, recovery was maximized. As a result of her work ethic and quality work product, I highly recommend the services of CDIService - Cheryl Durham for any difficult situation.”

- Chris M., Georgia

- Denise Ro - Georgia

I highly recommend CDIService due to Ms. Durham’s professionalism, confidentiality, and effectiveness. I have used her services on three separate occasions for very different circumstances. I initially sought services to find out the identity and physical location of a friend’s daughter’s new boyfriend. After her parents found disturbing images and communications on her cell phone, they questioned who the individual was. The daughter refused to disclose. She had also made arrangements with the individual to meet him over the summer, unbeknownst to her parents. In an attempt to intervene before their 18 year-old daughter could leave the state, I reached out to Ms. Durham, giving her the telephone number found in the telephone. Within a matter of minutes, she returned with the physical address, very detailed personal information (i.e., drivers license photo, directions to his home, an aerial image of the neighborhood, employment information, immediate family members information, household occupants, and information on current debt). I was absolutely astonished with the results produced. Armed with this information, the parents were able to approach their daughter to let her know that they were well aware of who she was dealing with and what her plans were. Needless to say, those plans were thwarted and they were eternally grateful. On another occasion, I had Ms. Durham investigate the owners of a recently opened daycare to assure a new mother that the owners were reputable and had no questionable backgrounds. At the mother’s relief, all was well. She is still very pleased with the service provided by the daycare, and extremely appreciative that Ms. Durham alleviated her concerns. Finally, Ms. Durham has also completed a personal search for me regarding an individual I met on an online dating site. While he seemed to be a great guy, impressions can be deceiving. Ms. Durham was able to confirm that “all” of the information he gave me as true and correct. This put me at ease and let me know that I am still a good judge of character! Again, a complete and thorough job was done in each and every situation. I am totally please and still impressed with Ms. Durham’s level of skill, determination, and ability to produce remarkable and extraordinary results!

- Denise Ro - Georgia

“Latoya's Testimonial

The first time I met Cheryl, I was in Cartersville working. I remember her saying to me that she could find anybody.

At that time, my eldest son was going on 30 years old. And, I had seen his father since

conception when I was 14 years old. I had moved all the way back to Connecticut to have the baby and lost touch. All I had was his full name and nickname. So, when she made that statement, I replied with a sarcastic reply.

“Well find my son's father then!” She asked me his name. And, that's all I knew.

In less than 24 hours Cheryl had called me back with a photo, a number, and his sister's place of employment. When I called he had been wondering all those years what had become of me; the girl whose daddy confronted him all those years later about his pregnant teen daughter. Cheryl a Research Analyst for CDIService had did the impossible. I thought I had done everything to find this man for almost thirty years. And, here it took her less than a day!

AMAZING! I was blessed since the first day I knocked on her door and introduced myself.

Very Talented Woman

Thanks CDIService”

- Latoya J., Georgia

- Anthony B., Georgia


I met Cheryl Durham over 34 years ago. I had no knowledge of her skill set until I needed her services. My situation was hopeless. I had been paying child support for several years through payroll deductions. I thought, I had made my final payment only for me to receive a letter from the State of Texas stating I still owed the same amount I started out paying. I called Cheryl Durham at CDIService. I knew if anyone could get to the bottom of this situation, she could. By her locating the mother, in a matter of days she had solved the matter. I have witnessed her talents throughout the years. If, you want something done, contact CDIService. Cheryl Durham is “ A True Force to be Reckoned with”. If, anyone needs something done, don't hesitate to give her a call. She's the real deal.”

- Anthony B., Georgia

- Virginia L., California

“On December 7, 2018 I Cheryl Durham, a family friend from my childhood. During our

conversation I had mentioned that I hadn't spoken to one of our other friends Lisa G. in 40 years.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to provide much information about her since she moved and was now married.

After our conversation, Cheryl got off the phone and in about 8 mins. she not only found her; she called her. And, to my surprise she connected us on a 3 way call. I couldn't believe my ears.

It was her! I really do think Cheryl has a natural gift and instinct for locating people.

Thank you for reuniting me with my best friend.”

- Virginia L., California

I had severed in the Army. And, I had been thinking about one of my buddy's Troy. Unfortunately, so many years had passed by, and I didn't know how to go about finding him. I mentioned it to Cheryl Durham. And, in a matter of days, she found him. She was able to give me his phone number. WOW!! She never cease to amaze me 👍

- Anthony B., Georgia

8 yrs. ago, I had asked my niece Cheryl Durham, founder of CDIService to locate a very dear family friend Wendell A. Campbell for me. At first, I thought it would be impossible for her to find him, because I really didn't have much information to provide her. And, to my surprise she not only found him, but was able to provide a phone number in about 2 days. I was shocked ! It was a wonderful blessing. My brother and I were able to spend at least a year together getting reacquainted before his passing. My niece has been doing this type of research locating and reuniting people for over 35 years, along with finding documents. I would highly recommend her services.

- Linda B.-California 

- Lisa G. - Ohio

I was awakened at 11:00 pm one evening and was irritated at first wondering why someone was calling me so late?? Then I was worried thinking that maybe someone in the family had some bad news. I answered the phone and the woman on the other end introduced herself (Miss Cheryl B. ) & quickly apologized for the late call. But what she said next made me overwhelmed with joy !! She explained that a friend from my high school days had been trying to reconnect with me for several years. My BFF Virginia L. was patiently waiting on hold to speak to me. I cannot tell you how many times I wondered where my dear friend Virginia L. was doing, and where she lived..... I had so many questions. Thank you thank you thank you Cheryl for reconnecting us !!! I am overjoyed and we are planning a reunion in the near future !

Forever grateful,

- Lisa G. - Ohio

“Around 2008, My brother George who is really into martial arts type movies, had been looking for this particular movie for several years. I had told him about Cheryl Durham and her skillset. At first, he was skeptical. But, I told him that she can find just about anything! So, he decided to give her a chance. And, in 1 day she had located the movie, and had it delivered to his doorstep. He was very surprised and internally grateful!

Thanks Cheryl for a job well done!”

- Anthony B., Georgia

On 2/22/17, I was surprised to hear from my childhood friend Cheryl Durham. She had called to extend her condolences regarding my wife. And, during our conversation I mentioned to Cheryl about a child I had out of wedlock. She informed me of her company CDIService, and that she locates people among other things. So, I provided her the mother's name along with my daughters. It was unbelievable, shortly after getting off the phone. She not only texted me a picture of the mother, but of my little girl, too. I was blown away. I called my mother immediately. She also included her address, a picture of her house and her new boyfriend. I was speechless!! "This woman is no joke". I definitely will be using CDIService in the future. Moreover, I will refer her services to others. Thanks Again Andre' B.


- Andre' B. Nevada


I contacted Cheryl Durham to find a pro boxer friend. We had lost touched. She found him in one day. I was so happy to find him to reflect on our past career. She gave me his phone number and address. I was amazed!

I would recommend her service to anyone.

- Parnell F. - New Jersey 


Last year, my niece Cheryl Durham CEO of CDIService was very instrumental in finding resources to assist me with my prescriptions.

Since my retirement, I could no longer afford Restasis which was $600/mo. for my eyes, and that was just 1 prescription. Consequently, it wasn't available in generic. Feeling frustrated, I told her of my concerns and in a matter of a few hours, she found resources that I didn't even know existed.

Now, my medications are "FREE"!!

Moreover, this year I began having trouble breathing because I suffer with asthma. My Symbicort is $458 per inhaler and my Albuterol was $39 per inhaler. So, she encouraged me to apply for a grant for these medications, and to my surprise I was approved!!

FYI - You must follow up during the entire process. It really is worth the time.

My niece is truly Amazing!!

If you want the job done call CDIService, you won't be disappointed.

- Linda B. - California


I can't say enough about Cheryl Durham/CDIService.

The Pandemic like for most brought challenges economically. I tried to search for some resources on my own but to no avail.

Consequently, I caused more damage for myself getting title pawns and loans to survive. I was facing eviction owing $4000.

Cheryl stepped in as my POA, and like a tornado took over and began straightening up most of the damage I caused financially. Not only did she keep me from being evicted, she was able to secure 2 additional months.

2 weeks later, I was in a bad car accident and unable to work. She started a GoFundMe page. I didn't know any about that.

She negotiated all of my debt, so I wouldn't fall behind by getting payments deferred, traffic tickets forgiven, and APR's lowered. I'm telling you, Ms.Durham is on point when it comes to taking care of business. I can't say enough about her company CDIService.

She's truly Amazing!!

- Anthony B. - Georgia


I started working with Cheryl after my daughter met her at the Salvation Army in Cartersville, Georgia. She had made several good suggestions about where my daughter might get help after a tornado damaged her home. My daughter was basically out of work without insurance and really struggling. Cheryl helped her get medical and emotional support for basically free and even helped her in working with the insurance people and contractors making repairs to her home. 

The information Cheryl has and the quick responses to issues with my daughter have been a real blessing. She is so focused on my daughter, I did not realize that she was working with other clients! 

Her knowledge and intensity helped get things done that I didn't even know how to get started. 

I cannot recommend her more highly.

-Joel Benson 

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